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Incense holder cube

Incense holder cube

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Very nice, stable and really cheap incense holders in different crystals. The incense holders are available in lepidolite, moss sawdust and kiwi jasper!
They are very delicious and absolutely perfect for holding your incense.

Kiwi jasper properties:
A nurturing and protective crystal
Consists of black tourmaline, amazonite and quartz
Said to be one of the most nurturing crystals you can find
Supports you during stressful situations
Spreads a calm and peaceful energy
Helps to find inner harmony and balance
Clears away negative energies around you

Sawn moss properties:
⋆ Stabilizing crystal
⋆ Strong ties to nature
⋆ Refreshes the soul

⋆ Helps you see the beauty in what you have
⋆ Good crystal for births, reduces pain and brings luck
⋆ A crystal for new beginnings that dissolves blockages or spiritual shackles
⋆ Attracts wealth, both in the wallet and in life
⋆ Improves self-esteem and strengthens positive personality traits
⋆ Dissolves fear and profound stress
⋆ Helps develop strength and the ability to get along with others

Lepidolite properties:
⋆ A crystal for transition
⋆ Changes old patterns
⋆ Reduces stress during changes
⋆ Brings calm in situations where it is needed
⋆ Balances and brings inner peace
⋆ Helps you grow spiritually
⋆ Perfect for significant stress and anxiety
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