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Super cute dog legs in the crystals kiwi jasper and rose quartz (the pictures of the rose quartz legs disappeared during editing). About 3.5 cm long and as cute as can be!

Kiwi jasper properties:
A nurturing and protective crystal
Consists of black tourmaline, amazonite and quartz
Said to be one of the most nurturing crystals you can find
Supports you during stressful situations
Spreads a calm and peaceful energy
Helps to find inner harmony and balance
Clears away negative energies around you

Rose quartz properties:
⋆ Brings unconditional love and infinite peace
⋆ Most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra
⋆ The true essence of love
⋆ It cleanses and opens the heart on all levels
⋆ Gives deep inner healing and love to oneself
⋆ Calming and supportive crystal
⋆ Excellent to use for trauma, crises and self-love
⋆ Helps attract love and releases repressed emotions and heartache

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