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Amethyst AA - bracelet

Amethyst AA - bracelet

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Very beautiful bracelets in amethyst in AA quality, 8mm in diameter on the pearls and they sit on stretchy bands so they will fit everyone!

Properties of amethyst:
⋆ Extremely strong and spiritual stone
⋆ Protective
⋆ High spiritual vibration
⋆ Protective
⋆ Transforms energy into love
⋆ Good for the soul and stimulates where needed
⋆ Calming effect
⋆ Facilitates decision-making and adds common sense
⋆ Adds spiritual insight
⋆ Strengthens absorption of new ideas and connects cause and effect
⋆ Dissolves anger, rage, fear and anxiety
⋆ Relieves depression and sadness

⋆ Helps deal with losses
⋆ Promotes love
⋆ Helps with sleep problems

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