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Citrine with quartz - Ema Egg

Citrine with quartz - Ema Egg

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Ema egg in citrine with quartz. They are also called window eggs . They are found in the Ema River located in Southern Brazil. Where they have also been polished.

Citrine properties:
⋆ A positive and happy crystal
⋆ Stimulates us to see the light in life
⋆ Helps us express ourselves in social contexts, have fun and laugh
⋆ Helps us express our feelings
⋆ Strengthens self-confidence and trust in one's own ability to create and be
⋆ Breaks down bad patterns
⋆ Do away with the limitations of the past
⋆ Has a positive and joyful vibration that sends it out and about

⋆ Helps you free yourself from depression and let go of things that no longer protect you
⋆ Alleviates anxiety, nervousness and protects you from negativity

Rock crystal/quartz properties:
⋆ Absorbs energy
⋆ Stores energy
⋆ Release energy
⋆ Dissolves energy blockages
⋆ Strengthens concentration
⋆ Unlocks memory
⋆ Incredibly cleansing crystal
⋆ Gives your consciousness a blank page
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